WIBN Mt. Shasta – November 2013 Meeting

The November meeting for the Women in Business Network will be held on November 6th from 8:30-10 am at the Best Western Tree House. We will be having a Women in Business Proclamation Presentation given to WIBN by Tom Moore, Mayor of Mt. Shasta, as well as a special guest speaker, Paul Eckert, the new City Manager of Mt. Shasta. This next meeting should be a very interesting and interactive session for all of us!

November 2013 WIBN Meeting

The next Mt. Shasta WIBN meeting will be Wednesday, November 6th, from 8:30-10 am at the Best Western Tree House hotel. This month’s featured speaker will be Paul Eckert, Mount Shasta City Manager. We hope to see you there!

Important Announcement from Matilde!

Change in Meeting time and location.

Women in Business Network May Meeting will be held on Wednesday May 1st in the Highland room of the Mt. Shasta Resort. Please note that it starts at 5:30pm.

The program will include Installation of officers and a presentation by Missy Moore on:

Transforming Limiting Thoughts

Ever tried to shove an unwanted thought aside, or overcome it by thinking positively, or stop it with will power? How often has that worked? Missy shares a transformative process in which a limiting thought actually becomes an ally. By working with the thought in an empowering way, she leads a step-by-step process to the place within where alchemy happens.

Marajen (Missy) Moore

Marajen (Missy) Moore, MA, CPCC, is Founder of Awaken to Life. An inspiring personal development coach, Missy makes practical and effective use of mindfulness, meditative, and presence-based approaches for individuals to realize their best potential. She has crafted awareness trainings for business leaders, health care professionals, and community organizers. Missy is the author of Optimizing Your Life with Presence: a guide for becoming more present in your work and personal life.

She is certified through the Coaches Training Institute, a worldwide developer in coach development. She has worked with some of today’s great spiritual teachers, including Leonard Jacobson, Gary Zukav, and Don Miguel Ruiz. So driven by stress at one point in her life, it took a major car accident to get her attention. Years of living in nature and with thanks to personal development training, Missy learned to embody the quiet, alive stillness that is always here and what is key to real success, better health and well-being. She now lives in the Bay Area and is passionate about making this wisdom accessible to everyone.