Matilde’s Message – August 2012

To all the outstanding and strong Women of the Women in Business Network I wish to send a message of gratitude for allowing me to serve in my capacity and of admiration for being who you are and for all your accomplishments.

It makes me proud to know you and to see all of you going through life with your dreams and accomplishments! It is an honor to be your president and help you in any way I can.

Caroline, Patc and Lexi are working hard at organizing the First Women in Business Network New Directions in Marketing and Empowerment Symposium and they have several pleasant surprises in store for you!

This event will take place at the Resort on October 3rd, from 5-9pm as you all requested.

A minimum of 20 women has to attend in order for us to have the special prize of $25.00.

We hope to have your commitment and payment at our Membership Meeting on the 5th of September so we can proceed with the organization of the event.

I also wanted to communicate to you the invitation I received by a group of business Women from Yreka who wish to start a chapter and meet on the last Thursday of every month for lunch. One of these ladies is an attorney who is writing a proposal to present to the WIBN Board. This will expand our presence in Siskiyou County and bring more business and knowledge to this Network.

Please use the technology available to you via the blog and the Facebook page, to remind everybody about you and your business, your successes, accomplishments, and your events. Communication is the greatest tool we have to expand our businesses. Let’s use it as it is available as one of the benefits of being a member of WIBN.

Keep smiling and life will smile back!

In Service,
Matilde de Franchis-Unruh
WIBN Chairwoman/President

Matilde’s Message — July 2012

Hello Ladies and Welcome to Summer!

The good news is that we are going to have a wonderful Tea Party on Saturday July 14th and it is going to be inside this lovely home so that the heat will not cause any discomfort. Wear your Tea attire and a fabulous hat!

I am happy to announce that Danielle Signor, the recipient of the $300.00 cash grant has already put it to use by buying the material she needed to have a booth on the 2nd and 3rd of July at the Mt. Shasta 4th of July Street Fair. Congratulations Danielle on moving forward and following your passion.

This is exactly what the purpose of the Grant is, to help a start up or give the possibility to expand the business of Members of the Women in Business Network.

My wish is to be able to also give loans to expand your businesses without having to go through the unbearable paperwork routine that all the other organizations put you through. I will keep you posted on the progress of this idea.

If you are unable to attend the Tea Party, I hope to see you on the 1st of August for our regular Membership meeting. The Guest Speaker is Joy Taylor who is a most interesting and intelligent businesswoman with great advise for women in business. Someone you will truly enjoy listening to and learning from.

I truly look forward to seeing you and being with you soon!

In Service,

Matilde’s Message — June 2012

Dear Members,

June is here and we have so much to look forward to. This is the month when the WIBN Grant is awarded. I received the last application last night at 11:27pm.

The news of the Grant brought another new member. Her name is Jane Rothenberg. She owns A’LaMonde, and makes a low glycemic sugar free candy.

Caroline Dunkel Brask has accepted the position of Special Events Chairwoman! Our next Event is going to be a Tea Party to welcome all new members. Please save the date: July 14, 2012 at Chris’s, who owns a very nice home by the Golf Course. Caroline will present the details at the Membership Meeting on June 6th.

In July we will not hold a Membership meeting as the first Wednesday of the month falls on the 4th of July. We will see you all on the 14th instead to celebrate and have a wonderful gathering on the patio of Chris’s beautiful home or inside if outside is too hot!

We also would like to have a Mixer soon. It would be great to have a Business host one and I am hoping to hear from one of you soon with the great news that you are happy to have a Mixer and show off your business place. Please come forward. Don’t be bashful! You have so much to offer!

Besides the Grant award we will have Kevin Charter as Guest Speaker. He will cover topics such as Women and Investing: Understand your personal goals from college savings to retirement, and create long-term strategies.

I look forward to seeing all of you next Wednesday, June 6th and to celebrate the winners of the Grants.

In service,
Matilde de Franchis-Unruh
WIBN Chairwoman/President