Matilde’s Message — May 2013

Dear Ladies,

Sorry for waiting so long to send my message to you, but sometimes there is only so much time in one day and, I know, you all very well understand.

My May Message is first of all addressed to all of you to thank you for your support and cooperation. We have had a lot of fun together in the last few months with our events, last of which the Wine and Ale tasting to raise funds for the Grant.

We were able to raise close to $800.00 after all the payments were made. So we will be able to give $1,000.00 Marketing Grant as hoped, plus the 2 Memberships to Mt. Shasta Chamber of Commerce, 2 to JEDI and 2 to WIBN. The application form is on the WIBN website and the deadline to turn in your applications is May 25th. Good Luck to all of you who will be participating!

I am happy to share that Heather Weldon has accepted the position of Vice President and that Debbie Lewis and Sherry Anderson have applied for the position of Directors at large. They were voted in at our last board meeting and we gladly welcome them and thank them for sharing their time and knowledge for the next two years.

I also wish to thank Lisa Nixon, Joan Smith-Freeman, Monique Dixon and Shannon Salvestro for their great job as board of the Yreka chapter. The membership is slowly increasing, the meetings have interesting guest speakers and the spirit is high. They are organizing a fundraiser to bring up their portion of funds. It will be a Wine and Ale tasting at St. Mark’s in Yreka on June 15th from 4-7pm. More information will be posted soon.

Our guest speaker in July will help us optimize our internet traffic and we are also planning a High Tea with a Fashion Show right after the middle of August, so get involved and join the fun.

Call me if you can help with positions like Membership Chair, News and Media, Fundraising, Marketing or just to bring forth ideas to continuously improve the quality of our organization.

I look forward to seeing all of you on Wednesday June 5th to celebrate the winners of the Grant! Bring a friend or a business woman who can benefit from WIBN.

Be Happy and Smile!

In Service,

Matilde’s Message — December 2012

Dear Women in Business Network Members,

We are all ready to have a great get together on Friday December 14 at Noon at Lily’s! It is going to be a fun way to celebrate the Holidays and wish all a Wonderful time during this great time of the year. At the December meeting the Members who were present voted to have a gift exchange so those of you who will be attending please bring a small gift under $10.00 to exchange during the party.

Our Adopt-A-Family event was a great success! Yesterday I delivered the last few presents. They were so grateful! Your generosity and kindness will give some happiness and relief to these families. Thank you again and always. You are the Best.

The January meeting falls on the 2nd of January 2013, but because is too soon after the 1st, again those present at the meeting voted to have it on the 9th of January instead.Please do mark your calendar with the change of date.

The next few months are going to be very busy choosing a nominating committee to find the new officers for the next two years, preparing for the Grant fundraiser and the Grant program itself. Nobody has yet come forward to accept the position of Treasurer and I would really appreciate your help in this matter as I am covering the Treasurer’s position also. I am happy to do it to help out but it would be very nice if someone stepped up to the plate!

I look forward to seeing you on Friday!

Be Happy and Smile!

Matilde’s Message — November 2012

Good morning Ladies!

Our November Meeting is fast approaching and I just wanted to remind you of the great program we are having! Lisa Nixon Attorney at Law will share a presentation on “Intellectual Property”, a very interesting and important issue.

Lisa has accepted to take the position of President of The Yreka WIBN Chapter, and I know she will do a fantastic job in this position. She will have the following officers:
Joan Smith Freeman VP
Yolanda O’Brien Secretary
Shannon Salvestro Treasurer

You will have a chance to welcome them on Wednesday November 7th at our Regular Membership Meeting at the Tree House! The Yreka Chapter has already planned a Wine Tasting on November 14th in Yreka and we are all invited to attend. This event will be posted on our local newspapers to inform all the Business Women in the area. Caroline will give us the details at the Meeting on Wednesday.

I wish to thank Caroline for the great job she did in organizing the food and set up for the Symposium in October! What a wonderful and successful Event that was! I hope this can be a Celebration every year during Women in Business Month! Very well received by Members and City Authorities.

My Gratitude also goes to Patc for donating all the centerpieces and to Amore for calling and personally inviting members, she volunteered to help Caroline with the calls and to Heather for helping in receiving and counting the money and being wherever she was needed. I also wish to thank Darlene Mathis, a Member at Heart, for her donations to add to the basket. Congratulations go to Audra Gibson for winning that prize. I am sure she is truly enjoying it!

The Board wishes to start recording the history of the Women in Business Network so we have added the position of Historian. Atara Melo has accepted the position and I have already provided her with the necessary ingredient to start her project. She will explain her ideas and invite you to contribute yours.

December is around the corner and that is the month when WIBN adopts a family, or two, as part of our Community Service Contribution.

For those new to WIBN: This is a project we started in 2009 that has helped several families in need. The family we adopt will express their wishes for the Holidays and we participate by personally giving the gifts already wrapped or cash, while WIBN will donate $300.00.

I will bring a sign-up sheet on Wednesday.

In December we will not hold a Board Meeting. Instead the Board has voted on having Lunch at Lily’s on the 14th of December at Noon. All are invited so we can share our good wishes before the end of the year and for the New Year!

Be Prosperous and Smile!

In Service,