Matilde’s Message – April 2012

Hello Ladies,

My message this month is brief but with exciting news.

The preparations for our first fundraiser are well on their way and so exciting! Wait until you hear….

I was able to find my dear friend, Chef Caroline Brask, a renown Chef in charge of events in Disneyland and Playboy. She has accepted to help in organizing the Wine and Ale Tasting event. It is going to be amazing you will see. Caroline will be attending our membership meeting on Wednesday April 4th and will bring her daughter, a business consultant from Los Angeles. They are both planning to become members of WIBN.

The wineries and brewery are very excited to participate to our event and they will contribute the libations. I have applied for all the requested permits and we will have an amazing event! What a treat it is going to be to see the wonderful set up Caroline will display with your platters of appetizers, fruits and desserts.

Please remember to bring the tickets you have sold and the money so we can start to have an idea on how many people will attend.

I have also requested the local TV to display our event all day every day so the news should spread quickly.

The amount of money we will raise, is going to determine what type of Grant we can give to the members who will apply. This is a very important step in the progress of our organization, to be able to assist our members in becoming stronger in their business.

Marguerite is doing a great job as chairwoman of the support committee. Her meetings are uplifting and very helpful because each woman who is present has something very valuable to offer.

I wish to welcome Atara as chairwoman of the Membership Committee! She is moving forward in organizing an excellent committee already and has scheduled a member to welcome you at the meetings. It is nice to receive a smile and a welcome when you arrive to the meetings. Atara will also follow through with new members and prospective ones showing the attention each one of you deserves as members.

As I am in Italy and will be here for our meeting, I will conduct it via Skype. I am so grateful to modern technology as it gives me the possibility to be present even when I am outside the country!

See you soon on Skype and remember to be happy and smile!