November Meeting and Matilde’s Message

This month’s message from Matilde:

Hello Ladies.
It has been a while since my last message.
We are now on course and even though it is still a work in progress, Danielle
Signor and Kelly Samuelson are working very hard at bringing us a professional,
beautiful site. The cost of this work to WINB is minimal and will be well worth it.
Last week I received an e-mail from the Resort management informing us that
they would not be able to accommodate us for our breakfast meetings as they
close the area from November to May and there would be no service. They
asked if we could change the meeting to a luncheon.
I personally went and asked some of you if you would consider that option
and the unanimous reply was that you like to keep the same time and the same
of the month. My next step was to find another location so I went to the
Tree House. The coordinator there was very accommodating and offered us
their large meeting room with a full buffet breakfast for $5.00/person. I
accepted, scheduled and e-mailed all of you individually to inform you of
the change.
On Monday, October 24th we received a Proclamation from the City of Mt.
Shasta. Proclaiming October 29th WOMEN IN BUSINESS DAY.
Those of you who could make it, came before the Council Meeting to have a
group picture taken. The newspaper was not there as previously agreed so
Marguerite’s husband John kindly responded to our request and came to take
pictures of the group. You should be able to see at least one of them on the
site soon.
For those who were not present we will have a chance to take more pictures
at our membership meeting and include all of you.
Due to the fact that we could not find a place for our annual Expo, we had
to cancel it. I was surprised on how many people, including the City Council
were looking forward to the event. Well, we will have to work harder and
make it happen again! With your cooperation I am sure we will have a great
Expo again!
So in order to celebrate all the Women in Business of this area I thought it
would be nice to organize a celebration by having a party and so with the
help of Marguerite we quickly put one together.
At this point I want to thank Marguerite Lorimer and Patricia Le Tallec for
setting the room up while I was preparing the food, picking up the cake etc.
They did a wonderful job! My deepest gratitude goes also to Nancy Swift from
Jedi for allowing us to use the space at no cost and especially to Paj who
stayed with us to the end and helped with clean up.
It was a fun event and I am looking forward to our Celebration for next
While nobody has yet come forward to take the chair of the Programs and
Speakers committee, I have been doing that job and hope you have enjoyed the
presentations until now.
Please let me know if you wish to give a presentation or know of some one
else you would like to bring. In November our own Stephanie Hoffman will be
our guest speaker and we will also have a brief presentation on the
development of our annual “ADOPT A FAMILY” Project and donation.
For December Kelly Samuelson has arranged for Nikolas Allen of BAM Small Biz Consulting, who
proposed a speaking presentation, to inspire us to think deeper about our
company’s unique brand attributes and help us create meaningful marketing
messages the audience cares about.
I must go now and am truly looking forward to seeing all of you at the
meeting on Wednesday November 2nd at the TREE HOUSE.
Take care be well and SMILE.
Your Chairwoma/President